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For safe, trouble-free cycling, adapt your behaviour to traffic and weather conditions.

Li bia velo encourages you to remember some of the most important rules!

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Cycle paths

Cycle paths


Li bia velo keeps you up to date on:
* Mandatory cycle paths
* Non-mandatory cycle paths
* Cycle lanes maked by road signs.


Mandatory cycle paths

Use of one-way to two-way off-road cycle path (piste cyclable unidirectionnelle/bidirectionnelle hors voirie, PCM) is mandatory unless the path impassable.

Use of a designated cycle lane (piste cyclable marquée, PCM) marked on the roadway by two broken white lines is mandatory unless the lane is blocked or the cyclist is manoeuvring.


Non-mandatory cycle paths

A recommended cycle lane (bande cyclable suggérée, BCS) is indicated by a cycle symbol on the road, surface. Cyclists are not obliged to use it, and motor vehicles may drive or park on it.


Cycle lanes maked by road signs

On a one-way street, road signs indicate a cyclist contraflow system allowing cyclists to travel in the opposite direction to the one-way traffic.

Bus lanesopen to cyclists are also indicated by a cycle symbol on the road surface.

Cyclists may use a pedestrian zone if the road signs so indicate.




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